Actually I am developing this page from my experiences  when I first develop my personal web page . Here I am describing  such thing which is helpful  to develop web page  specially for Beginners to Advance..

 For Advance

  1. How do I design a Web pages... ?
  2. Where can I find free web pages service provider... ?
  3. Why doesn't ... ?
  4. Who is ... ?
  5. What is ... ?
  6. When is ... ?

For Beginners

Here I explain in details so that you can easily develop a web pages easily. I will try to discuss about every element of  this Web pages how I develop it and which software, web site I used. You  ask me by mail also 

Four Important part to make a Web Site .

  • Design Your pages: Here I describe step by step different process How you develop your Web pages easily.

  • Registering Your Web address:  There are many site offering free web address with design and web hosting facility . I used . It has different other facility.

  • Hosting Your Web Pages : After designing your Web pages locally, next you have to hosting you web pages on internet at your registered web address.

  • Promoting Your Web Pages: After successful hosting  your web site next job is promoting your site. Its very important to make rush your web site.

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How do I design a web pages... ?

To design Web Pages  you have to know HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). By knowing a little bit or without knowing HTML  you could start design a web pages . With many  software you can design your web pages easily. I use different type of software. such as Microsoft frontpage98, Microsoft FrontPage (office XP), AceHTML 4 Freeware, Microsoft word. Any one you can use, all are  WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) software.  That is  you type those are stuff that you want to see in your web pages nothing else. You don't need to know HTML. I feel comfort using Microsoft FrontPage 98, Microsoft FrontPage with office XP is latest version of previous. You can use both also.

For graphics you have to use different software. I use Photoshop5, Live motion, Macromedia Flash. You can get readymade graphics to use with your web pages . You can download it from different web site, Here also.

To make your web site more attractive, interactive you should use JavaScript, java other staff also.

To do all the thing you don't have to know all the things, just to know where you could get readymade stuff's and how you use those things. That's all. Just see this page and design your first web page.

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Where can  I find free web pages service provider...... ?

Yes It's very important. By means of money you can do it easily. There are many web site who give the free web hosting service by means of add on your pages. You will find a add when browsing my page right.

I use It's nice and cool . Every facility is   there, it give 20 MB free space. You will find other service also such as etc.

  • Free registration: First you have to registered and user name will be use in web address. I use mofizrahman user. So my address is .
    • Choose user name: So you must choose user name consciously. 
    • Front page enabled: After registration please enable FrontPage. So you can use full website e that is developed with FrontPage 
    • Build your web site: Web service provider have different option to build web pages. But it's time consuming. It's better if you build simple web page. It's time consuming.
    • Upload your web site: You made web in your personal web server then upload these page to the internet. Every web service provider has self uploading facility. But I used a software WS_FTP95 which is most convenient. You can get  it on internet also could download from my site . To download click.
    • Using WS_FTP95: To use this  first You install WS_FTP95 on your pc then connect to the internet . Then You must fill  the flowing properties. I describe how to connect with
      • General properties:
      • Host name/Address:
      • Host type: Automatic detect.
      • User ID: Your user name. (Given by tripod)
      • password: your password (Given by tripod).
      • Startup properties:
      • Connect: Then click on connect at bottom. Connection will made . at right window you will find remote (tripod) server directory. In left side local directory.
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Why doesn't ... ?

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Who is ... ?

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What is ... ?

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When is ... ?

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For more information go to page of web master or e-mail  for any comment to web master .