There are different of Applets is given as bellows.
You can just copies to your pc and may use as your choice . Some  hints is given with each item .


This a sample lake applet . You can use also your own picture as you wish . To do this you first read the help line . The basic files are  Desktop.htm , Dusk.gif, lake.class, overlay.gif  to copy these u just click on each item and save . Desktop.htm  is html file in which applet is inserted . Dusk.gif is main picture file which will see . Here is main thing is when you use your picture it must be save as Dusk.gif and the size(W x H) of picture should be same as orginal Dusk.gif . and all file should be palced in same folder . Try it .

Sampale :










Menu items

This is a sample menu java applet . You modify this by changing applet propertise or you can add menu item . To do this you must open this applet in any web page editor such as front page editor . then by right clicking on the applet you will see some context menu   where you find java applet propertise . After click propertise you will see   in the middle of screen applet parameter and in bellow you will find add , modify ,remove button by using these you can change menu applete as you desire .

Detail Help

For more information go to page of web master or e-mail  for any comment to web master .