For Windows operating system.
  • Installation Microsoft FrontPage 98 : You can get it from any office backup CD that is comes with Windows NT CD. Install it with Personal web server option. It will ask for administrative user and password, you have to know it to login to web server in you PC.

  • Web site Template/page template wizard: From file menu( MS FrontPage XP) you can select new>page or web>page template or web site then choose a template fill data as you want aweb site will made at your web server. Then edit as you required. But there many staff that you could not control as your choice. I test it first but now I am not using it. 

  • Creating index.htm file: Your first page of your web site should named as index.htm. Which is main page of any website automatically load when any one give the address of  website in any browser i.e. Internet explorer or Netscape. So this page is very important must design attractively to attract the visitor. You will find three stage or mode  of your page at the bottom of new page.

    • Normal : Here you will edit your page as you want . It as like as MS Word.

    • HTML: After editing in normal mode by clicking HTML you could see HTML coding  of your web page . 

    • Preview: In this mode you see how will look your page in browser.

    • Creating Link: You can design other pages also , named those pages as you want. Link those pages with main page. 

      • Block the link word: Block the link word as mentioned previously page of web master .

      • Hyperlink: Click on   then browser window will come choose the another file and click ok.

    • Inserting Picture: First select where you want to insert your picture and go to that position, click on   then browse the picture and click ok .

    • Draw Table :  You can draw table with table in menu . Try it.

  • Problem:

    • FrontPage 98 is not user friendly as MS Word. Main problem is inserting picture in accurate place. For do this you have to draw table. You can see my first page How much table I made  for positioning the picture.

For more information go to page of web master or e-mail  for any comment to web master .